10+ Best Things To explore In Aruba Island

Aruba has a little Caribbean Island, mainly famous for its tropical weather and beautiful beaches. There are several fun things that you can do in Aruba for kids, couples, and families.

Aruba is the home of Arikok National Park, where you can enjoy everything from hiking to ATV off-roading. On the other hand, this place also has multiple caves, a lighthouse, scenic photos to capture, and so on. In this article, we will discuss the 17 best things that you can do on Aruba Island.

10+  Best Things That You Have To Do On Aruba Island   

Every traveler has spent a lot of time exploring Aruba Island. This place is quite safe, and you can get here easily from America. On the other hand, Aruba has a lot of immaculate white sand. Below we will discuss the 17 best things you can do on Aruba Island.

1) Enjoy The Beaches   

Do you know why Aruba is famous? Yes, this place has amazing white sand beaches where you can find great ones in every corner of the world. In this case, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the Sun and sea, which were probably a highlight in Aruba.

Although here are some of the best sand beaches, such as Arashi Beach, Eagle Beach, and Baby Beach. All these beaches are beautiful, and you can enjoy swimming. On the other hand, these beaches are popular but they are not developed.

2) See The Flamingos At Renaissance Island   

If you want to experience beaches, you must at least spend one day seeing the famous Flamingos. On this beachside, you will be able to enjoy a lot of flamingoes which are roaming around. This is a fun experience if you can feed the flamingoes or even if you can take pictures with them.

3) See The Natural Bridges  

If you want to enjoy this place, visit the Arikok National Park. This park covers over 20% of the Island, along with coastal views, beaches, caves, tide pools, etc. Arikok is quite a simple park. But still, it is worth exploring this place in Aruba.

4) Visit The California Lighthouse   

One of the well-known landmarks is the California Lighthouse. This lighthouse is situated on the northern corner of the island. It was named after the steamship California in 1891. This place is free, which you can admire, and even you can take pictures easily from the outside.

5) Visit The Butterfly Farm   

One of the best and most interesting things you can do is visit the Butterfly farm. This place is quite exotic, and it is also admirable for kids. Even it includes exotic species from faraway places such as Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. On the other hand, if you are a nature lover, you will stay in this place.

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6) Take A Scenic Boat Cruise   

If you want to enjoy the scenic boat cruise along the coastline, then Aruba is one of the best and great places. You can easily enjoy an open bar and multiple snorkeling activities in this place. They also have multiple luxurious cruises, which are attractive for couples.

7) Watch The Sunset   

If you want to enjoy wonderful Sunsets and if you want to enjoy multiple activities on the Island, then Aruba is a great place. In this case, you can visit any west-facing beaches on the Island, which are great to watch the Sunset. On the other hand, you can even watch boats passing in the sunset.

8) Swim In The Natural Pool   

One of the most famous spots in Arikok National Park is Conchi Pool. This place has a beautiful turquoise tide pool where you can swim, and a wall of rocks surrounds this place. Apart from that, there are multiple ways to get to the natural pool.

9) Visit An Animal Sanctuary    

Aruba is the home to multiple animal sanctuaries. This place has a lot of animal sanctuaries, such as an ostrich farm, Philip’s Animal Garden, a donkey sanctuary, and so on. In this case, you have an animal in the day tour where you can visit all these animal sanctuaries.

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10) Visit The Aloe Factory   

Since 1890, The Royal Aruba Aloe Company has been growing, processing, and harvesting onsite at their location. This place is supposed to be one of the most attractive places in the world. Not only that, but you can even buy some of the best skin care products, hair care products, and also sun-care products.

11) Climb The Hooiberg Hill   

The Hooiberg hill is the second tallest point on the island of Aruba, with an elevation of 165 meters. If you want to know the name “Hooiberg,” it means haystack in Dutch.

In Conclusion  

In this article, we have discussed the 10+ best things you can do in Aruba Island above. You can also get around the island by bus, walking, or taxi because these options are only flexible. If you won’t get any flexibility or efficiency, you can book rental cars to explore Aruba Island.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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