7 Vastu Dosha That Leads To Financial Losses

Vastu Shastra is the architectural study of elements that helps us understand the flow of elemental energy in a surrounding. 

The Vastu in the vatsu shatsra is Vastu Purush who is the Hindu God of structure and construction. It is essential to construct a home according to the Vastu shastra so that we don’t disrespect Vastu Purush in any way.

Due to modernization and the increasing population it is getting more and more difficult to follow the rules of vatsu. Not only that, people know so little about Vastu that they can’t even spot major Vastu defects. 

Most of the time people don’t even realize that they have Vastu dosha in their homes and by the time they do, they have already suffered losses that could have been prevented a long time ago.

All these things have created the problem of modern Vastu Dosha in the modern world. The wave of Westernised houses is just adding fuel to it. 

People are facing multiple problems due to this and one of them is Financial losses. In this capitalist world, money can solve 99% of problems and is an essential component of survival. 

Several vastu doshas led to monetary struggles. In this blog, we are going to talk about the causes of debt and other financial losses due to debt and how to stop money loss by Vastu Shastra. 

If that is what interest you then stay with us and keep reading.

What are the 7 causes of debt in Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is not just a book but a study of architecture which means that several major and minor defects affect the energy of a house. 

In many homes, there could be a combination of minor and major defects that could be in any number. The intensity of the dosha depends on many things like the direction of the defect, how long it has been in that place, whether is it removable or not, etc. 

So keep that in mind while you read the Vastu defects in the following list:

Toilet in Northeast Zone

The Northeast zone is the most important and sacred direction of any house. This is the direction where your puja room with brass idols of god and puja essentials should be. 

This direction is very important in terms of finances as well as spiritual and religious significance.

If you have a toilet, dustbin, sewage pit, garbage, dirt, or anything else then it will result in severe financial losses. 

Think about it yourself, if you have a toilet, kitchen, storage room etc. in place of a Puja room then you have a problem. You can say that this is one is considered the biggest Defects in the Vastu shastra for a home.

Defects in Northwest 

The northwest direction is the direction of Vayu Dev or the God of air named Sadhagati. 

In Ancient and modern architecture, we have seen a sense of understanding of the importance of ventilation in buildings and houses. 

This direction is responsible for your progress in business and career, and along with that, it helps keep the movement of energy intact and prevents it from getting stagnant. 

If you have a bedroom in this direction, then that can lead to inefficient management of your career and profession. 

Not only that if you have a home with is facing Northwest direction then you can have problems regarding legal matters or the cases or lawsuits that never leave your home.

North Direction

North direction is the direction of Lord Kuber who is the Hindu God of Wealth. For the constant flow of energy, people keep heavy things in this direction so that Lord Kuber’s treasure is always filled up to the brim.

People in early times used to keep their safe and important documents in this direction. This is the direction where you are supposed to keep Vastu Dosha free as a little or minor dosha results in financial loss. 

One of the biggest vastu defects that cause financial losses is the construction of the Toilet in this direction. 

As this direction is where Maa Laxmi resides as well the construction of the toilet is said to drive Maa Laxmi away.

Water body in the Southeast direction 

The southeast direction is the place where the Lord of Fire, Agnidev resides. This place is ideal for kitchen construction. If you have vastu dosha in this direction then the person is said to get mentally disturbed and anxious.

If you have water elements like a toilet, water tank, fountain, etc. in this direction it is said to impact the decision-making skills of a person and lead to bad financial decisions. 

Along with this, we should be trying to avoid certain colours like blue, black, aqua, etc. All these colours contribute to stopping the flow of money.


The southwest direction is considered inauspicious as a demon named ‘Nairuthya’ is said to reside on this side. This demon is responsible for creating a ruckus in a household. 

This direction is ruled by the fiercest planet Rahu, or the north Node of the moon in English. Due to all this, the southwest direction of the house is responsible for the stability of a house.

There are a few things that should be avoided placing in this direction like source of water for example borewell, kitchen, entrance, toilet, and extended wing in this area, are also considered inauspicious.

East direction 

East is the direction of Indradev who is the King of Heaven and all deities. This direction is also associated with the father’s direction or direction of the sun.

If you have a dosha in this direction then the person has to face severe health and money-related problems. 

This is a very powerful direction, it is considered auspicious to have the main entrance of your home. 

Just make sure to keep this place as empty and light as possible the more. If you have doors and windows in this direction make sure that it is even in number. 


To live a long, happy and fulfilling life. One should pay attention to the Vastu shastra of their home as much as possible. The house is said to have a huge impact on the people. 

But then it is also true that no one can have a home that fulfils all aspects of Vastu so if your home has some major or minor defects don’t worry because there are many remedies available to tackle even the gravest defects.

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