Check out app store optimization cost and its benefits

There are over five million apps available on Google play store and Apple app store. In such fierce competition, it can be difficult to make your app discoverable. That is why app store optimization can be really beneficial for you. It is also an essential component of app maintenance. Without proper maintenance, you might not generate good revenue from the app. Keep reading to find out about app store optimization cost and its benefits. 

app store optimization cost

App store optimization (ASO) helps improve an app’s visibility and conversion rate in app stores. There are several optimization techniques, each with different costs:

1.Keyword Optimization

Identifying relevant keywords and strategically including them in the app title, description and metadata is essential for ASO. It can cost you around $99-$199 per month. The cost is low since keyword optimization is a one-time upfront effort during launch. But monitoring keywords and refreshing them periodically does require ongoing investment in tools.

2.App Icon and Screenshots

An appealing icon and screenshots showcasing your app attract users. The app store optimization cost for app icon and screenshots can range between $50-$200. 

This is also a one-time fixed cost if the initial designs are high quality. Periodically updating screenshots to reflect new features requires additional costs.


Translating the app metadata into local languages broadens visibility across geographies. Professional translation services charge around $0.15-$0.20 per word for app store page translation. Localising an app into 10 languages with 2000 words would cost around $3000-$4000. This fixed cost improves rankings locally but only needs periodic updates as new features are added.

4.ASO Tools

Paid ASO tools like App Annie, SensorTower, and TheTool offer tracking and analytics to refine listings. Their subscription plans cost $100-$300 per month. These have ongoing costs but provide vital data to maximise ASO impact. Many include competitor monitoring too.

5.Ratings and Reviews

Generating positive ratings and reviews social proof requires prompting users. This could mean emails, in-app messages or offers. Costs vary based on user incentives and communication channels. The app store optimization cost for ratings and reviews can go upto $1000. This is a variable cost that needs to be ongoing to counter negative reviews.

6.Link Building

Having backlinks to your app’s store page from related websites boosts ranks. Outreach to relevant sites or influencers costs around $50-$100 per link. This has moderate fixed costs but high value since links continually enhance rankings. It will also generate more leads and sales which is important for every business. 


Benefits of ASO 

Now that you know app store optimization cost, let’s have a look at the benefits of it. 

1.Increased Discoverability

ASO makes it easier for users to find your app when searching for apps relevant to your category or keywords. Simple optimizations like an appealing app icon, screenshots, title, description and strategic use of keywords can lead to higher rankings in the app store search results. This improves your app’s discoverability and chances of getting downloaded.

2.Higher Conversion Rates 

An optimised app store presence leads to higher conversion rates from search/browse to install. Elements like a clear description explaining the app’s value proposition, attractive images showing the UI and user experience, and positive reviews build credibility and drive conversions. The goal is to convince users your app is worthwhile before they even download it.

3.Lower Cost of Acquisition

ASO is a cost-effective way to get organic downloads compared to paid user acquisition campaigns. And it complements other marketing efforts. Higher organic visibility means paying less to acquire the same number of users via paid channels like social ads or pay-per-install networks. This improves return on marketing expenditure.

4.Increased Loyalty and Engagement

An optimised listing sets clearer expectations for users about your app. This leads to lower uninstall rates, more engagement and loyalty. Setting proper expectations also means higher ratings and reviews, further boosting conversions.

5.Lasting Results

Unlike paid campaigns which show immediate results that taper off quickly, ASO brings lasting benefits. It builds up your app’s brand and continues bringing organic traffic and conversions long-term with minimal additional effort once the initial optimization is done properly.

6.Better Brand Visibility 

Optimising for relevant keywords doesn’t just help with app store search. It also means your app appears in other searches like on the web and YouTube when people search for those keywords. When you are paying for the app store optimization cost, it will expand your brand visibility beyond just the app store.

7.Valuable App Store Data

ASO tools provide data on your app’s store presence and competitors. You gain useful insights like which keywords drive the most traffic, conversions, reviews or uninstalls. Analytics also reveal opportunities to improve your store listing based on what resonates most with users.

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