Canik Mete MC9 Review and the Best Accessories

The Canik METE MC9 is a new and exciting addition to the world of handguns. Developed by Canik, a popular Turkish manufacturer of firearms, the MC9 is a compact and reliable pistol that is perfect for everyday carry. In this blog post, we will be discussing the features of the MC9 and the best accessories to enhance your shooting experience.

Features of the Canik Mete MC9

The Canik Mete MC9 is a striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol that is designed for concealed carry. It has a 3.6-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.9 inches, making it compact and easy to carry. The MC9 features a low profile slide, which reduces weight and makes it easier to draw from a holster. It also has an ergonomic grip that is comfortable to hold and provides a secure grip.

In addition, the MC9 has a number of safety features, including a trigger safety and a firing pin block. The trigger safety prevents accidental discharge by requiring the shooter to apply pressure to the trigger in order for the gun to fire. The firing pin block prevents the gun from firing if the trigger is not pulled, even if the gun is dropped.

Best Accessories for the Canik Mete MC9

The Canik Mete MC9 is a great pistol on its own, but there are a number of accessories that can make it even better. One of the first accessories you should consider is a holster. A good holster will keep your MC9 secure and safe while you carry it, and there are many options available to suit different carry styles.

Another accessory to consider is a set of night sights. Night sights are designed to provide enhanced visibility in low light conditions, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately. There are many different types of night sights available, including fiber optic sights and tritium sights.

Finally, you may also want to consider upgrading the trigger on your MC9. The stock trigger is good, but there are aftermarket triggers available that can improve accuracy and make shooting more enjoyable. Some popular options include the Apex Tactical Specialties trigger and the Overwatch Precision trigger.


The Canik Mete MC9 is a great pistol that is perfect for concealed carry. It has a number of features that make it reliable and easy to shoot, and there are many accessories available to enhance your shooting experience. Whether you choose to upgrade your holster, add night sights, or upgrade your trigger, there are many ways to customize your MC9 to suit your needs and preferences.

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