Cardboard Ammo Box: 10 Creative Uses

Wait to dispose of any unused cardboard from empty ammunition boxes immediately. With ingenuity and do-it-yourself skills, you can make incredible things from these durable and adaptable materials. This article will discuss ten creative uses for Ammo Box Cardboard, extending these boxes’ helpful lifespan. Get your DIY gear ready because we’re about to embark on a green adventure.

Stylish Space-Saving Options

Shelving Units Constructed From Used Ammo Boxes

Cardboard from ammo boxes can be recycled into chic and practical shelves. Make a shelf out of cardboard cut to the appropriate size. You can customize their look by painting or decorating them to complement your existing furnishings. You may store anything from books and decorations to kitchen necessities on these shelves.

Cardboard Storage Bins Made From Ammo Boxes

You can make excellent boxes from ammo box cardboard by cutting them into smaller pieces. You can customize these boxes’ sizes, shapes, and materials to meet your needs. These cardboard storage boxes can be arranged in any way you like, making them ideal for storing anything from shoes and toys to paperwork and office materials.

Unique Wall Decorations 

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Collages Made From Cardboard Ammo Boxes

Collect the cardboard from your ammo boxes and put together a masterpiece. Make your unique designs or images by cutting cardboard into various shapes and sizes. You may make a fantastic work of art for your walls using paint or decorative paper.

Wall Art In Three Dimensions

Making three-dimensional sculptures out of cardboard ammo boxes will elevate your wall decor to the next level. 

Create wall art that stands out with some cutting and folding of cardboard. These sculptures can transform any place into a work of art by adding dimension and personality.

Easy Crafts For Children

Cardboard Gun Fort Made From An Ammo Box

Convert a cardboard ammo box into a fantastic fort your kids can play in. You may make a secret den for them to play with simple cutting and folding. Let them put whatever decorations they like on it once you install some windows and a door.

Cardboard Ammo Box Facemasks

Make ammo box cardboard masks with your kids to let their imaginations run wild. These masks are great for pretend play, costume parties, and classroom presentations. Let children put their dreams to work by painting and decorating their covers.

Environmentally Safe Furnishings

Coffee Table Constructed From a Used Ammo Box

Ammo box cardboard, contrary to popular belief, can be utilized to make a solid and attractive coffee table. Make a sturdy tabletop by cutting cardboard into strips, stacking them, and gluing them together. If you give it some legs or a base, you have a one-of-a-kind, environmentally responsible coffee table that will spark plenty of talk.

Chairs Made From Ammunition Boxes.

Making chairs out of cardboard can be a lot of fun if you’re the crafty type. Make a chair out of cardboard from ammo boxes by stapling together individual layers. Put the finishing touches on your sustainable seating option by adding cushions and upholstery.

Creative Methods Of Wrapping Presents

Personalized Gift Packaging

Ammo box cardboard may be used in stunning packaging for presents. Make boxes of varying sizes out of cardboard, then decorate them to fit the event. These one-of-a-kind packaging options look fantastic and highlight your eco-friendly values.

Tags Made From Used Ammo Boxes

The devil is in the details; remember that! Use the cardboard ammo boxes that come in by creating unique gift tags. Adding a ribbon or string to a present is a quick and easy way to make it look more festive.

Garden Delights

Plant Rooting Mediums

Biodegradable seedling starts can be made from cardboard ammo boxes. Fill the cardboard boxes with soil to plant seeds and place them in the sun. The cardboard box may be planted directly into the soil when it’s time to repot, where it will decay and enrich the ground for your plants.

Plant Identifiers 

Use handmade plant markers to label your plants and keep your yard neat. Strips of cardboard from ammunition boxes can mark plants in a garden. These markers will serve their purpose and beautify your garden or yard.

Homemade Pet Projects

Scratching Post For Cats

Make a cat-scratching post out of a cardboard ammo box. Make a scratching post for your cat by cutting cardboard into strips, rolling them up tightly, and securing them. Both you and your cat will appreciate the low price tag of this do-it-yourself endeavor.

Playhouse For Dogs 

Create a do-it-yourself puppy palace out of a cardboard ammo box and spoil your animal friend. Make your dog a nice den out of cardboard by cutting it to size and putting it together. It will be a massive hit if you give it a lick of paint and some throw pillows.

Creative Diaries

Artistic Sketchbooks

Use the cardboard from empty ammo boxes to create custom sketchbooks. Make a blank book by cutting cardboard to size, filling it with blank pages, and binding it. You can doodle, keep a journal, or record your creative thoughts in these handbound sketchbooks.

Bullet journals 

Get in on the bullet journaling craze by making your notebook from an old ammunition box. Create a unique and practical method of organization by designing a cover that reflects your taste and needs.

9 Invented Costumes

Diy Shields And Armor

Ammo box cardboard can be a game-changer for those who enjoy costume parties or cosplay. You can make cardboard shields and armor and paint them to look like your favorite characters if you cut and shaped them yourself. You won’t believe how expert the end product looks.

Magical Headdresses

Make your crowns and helmets from cardboard ammo boxes and live out your wildest fantasies. These do-it-yourself masterpieces will take your costume to the next level, whether you’re dressing as a chivalrous knight or a beautiful princess.

Useful Furnishings

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Clocks On The Wall

Use the cardboard from ammo boxes to make striking wall clocks. Create a watch in your preferred shape (we recommend a circle), outfit it with hands and a mechanism, and decorate the face. These one-of-a-kind clocks will relay more than just the passage of time.

Mirrors, Home Decor

Cardboard Ammo Boxes can create eye-catching frames for otherwise dull mirrors. Make a frame for your mirror out of cardboard by cutting it to size and shaping it to fit. It will be the showpiece of any room.


Reusing cardboard from empty ammo boxes is a great way to exercise your imagination and is also suitable for the planet. These materials are so adaptable that you may use your imagination to make anything from chic pet accessories to eco-friendly furniture. Don’t toss out the cardboard from empty ammo boxes the next time you come across them. Instead, give free rein to your ideas and develop something unique.


Is cardboard from ammo boxes simple to cut and shape for home improvement projects?

Absolutely! Ammo box cardboard is perfect for a wide range of craft projects since it is strong yet simple to work with in cutting, shaping, and decorating.

My second often-asked question is, “Can I paint the cardboard from an ammo box?”

Ammo box cardboard can be painted. Priming the surface with the appropriate primer before applying the paint of your choice is recommended to ensure proper adhesion.

What kind of safety measures should I take when handling cardboard?

Take care when working with sharp objects or adhesives. When working with paints or adhesives, ensure plenty of ventilation and keep sharp objects out of the reach of youngsters.

What techniques can I use to give my cardboard upcycles the best chance of lasting?

Applying a sealer or varnish might help your cardboard sculptures last longer. This will shield them from the elements and prolong their lifespan.

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