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We consider our home as our most sacred space and carefully plan every aspect of it. In addition to giving your nursery a perfect look, ensuring that your boards can withstand all of the weather changes they may be exposed to will help you maintain your house. The nursery fencing experts from a Sussex fence company are here to explain what different weather patterns do for your fences’ solidity and help you find areas that are strong and will last longer.


What does the weather mean for your fence boards?


Although most fencing is designed to endure, the wind, downpours, extreme weather, and snow can cause harm to nursery fences. The Irish and UK climate is unpredictable, so ensuring your fence can withstand a variety of weather conditions is essential. The weather can affect the fence board:




Strong breezes are capable of causing a large amount of damage. Fence boards and fence posts that aren’t firmly anchored can fall and cause damage. If you want to make a wise choice, choose posts and boards that will withstand the wind. When you build your fence, you must prepare it for future winds and storms. In addition to being a more intelligent financial choice, investing in solid fence panels will also help you avoid ugly inclining fencing that can ruin your nursery plans.




A downpour may also cause severe damage to fence posts and boards. It can take a while for damage to become apparent, depending on the type of fencing. Due to the rain we receive in Ireland and the UK, you need solid boards and posts for your fences that can withstand the weather and last a very long time. Not the heavy rainfall, but rather the inability of some fence types to dry, leading to water sitting on them for long periods, is the leading cause for damage. Any reputed fencing company Sussex will confirm that the wood fences of a house are especially vulnerable to water damage. You should be aware that as your fence posts become more damaged, they will becomes more vulnerable and more susceptible to damage. It can lead to security and protection issues.




Fences become more fragile during the winter months as the temperatures decrease. Fences are more prone to breaking during this period due to the increased moisture. This is also true in mid-year when the materials may grow as a result of heat. In addition, if your fencing needs to be sufficiently adaptable to allow for development, this could lead to distorted or damaged sheets.


The durability of solid fence board


In recent years, steel has replaced fashioned iron as the most common types of fence material. It is an excellent material if you need to find boards with a lot of durability. Although steel fences can cost more than wood or PVC initially, but they will last longer and are a better long-term investment. Explore the different materials available for your nursery fences.


Benefits of Steel Fencing


  • A robust built
  • You do not have to invest a lot to maintain them
  • They suitably withstand the unpredictable and harsh weather conditions
  • You may get insurance coverage for the fences
  • The materials you obtain from the service providers are cost-effective

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