Goth And Emo Subcultures: A Comprehensive Guide

Cultures and subcultures may develop among people who share common experience and interest among one another. Goth subculture is well known to almost everyone, however, it also consists of some allied subcultures such as emo, punk and grunge subcultures. All these subcultures are distinct and connected to each other. It therefore, sometimes confuses people when they try to define each of these subcultures. The main question is, how do we differentiate each of these subcultures from one another? Just like women’s gothic clothing, emo, punk and grunge subcultures also come with some distinct fashion styles. Subcultures come with a short lifespan. With different eras, dress and music style change and with it members of different subcultures wishfully or forcibly adapt to the mainstream subculture.

Goth, emo, punk and grunge subcultures, however, are unique, bold and robust which make them different from other cultures and subcultures. There is a lot to know about these subcultures and this article will mainly focus and guide you in knowing goth and emo subcultures one by one. If you are someone looking for gothic outfits, such as a gothic skirt or a gothic dress, you can visit different websites providing you with different gothic outfits and accessories. Jordash Clothing is one such website in the UK which provides you with a variety of gothic outfits, gothic jewellery and different gothic accessories. Let us now have a look at goth and emo subcultures one by one.Women’s Gothic Clothing


It is sometimes challenging to define gothic style and gothic aesthetic, however, it is easy to define what goth is not all about. Goth is not a cult and neither it is only made up of youths. Goth is not a religion and it comes from mediaeval origins and the theme and idea of this subculture is derived from very old and ancient aesthetics. The original and ancient goths were a Germanic tribe that settled in an area, currently known as Southern Russia, during the second century AD. Since the conquerors were harsh and destructive, the meaning of the term ‘goth’ took on a dark meaning which symbolically represents devastation, loss, mourning and sadness. The term was later popularised by the Renaissance critics in various fields, such as, architecture, art, literature which emerged during that time and it was believed during this period that many critics had been born out of the ashes from the previous periods. The gothic literature movement came into existence during the 1700s and the 1800s, all thanks to Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ and the subsequent gothic literary works that came during these periods. These literary works were a fusion of romanticism and horror featuring darkness, ignorance and evil. Further it was popularised through music and bands in the ‘70s and the ‘80s by the punk rock bands or the goth rock bands. Today, gothic outfits, such as goth trousers, gowns and so on are popular among the youths of this subculture and they prefer the dark shades of these outfits.Goth Trousers


Goth subculture emerged during the 1970s and the 1980s, however, it was during the late 1990s and after the 90s, that the emo subculture became a thing even if this subculture originated within the goth subculture. Some people who belong to this subculture argue that its origin dates back to the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is the short form of the term “emotional, primarily depicting emotional punk and although it has a close link to punk and goth fashion and aesthetics, the music in this subculture features some characteristics, such as, confessional expression, introspection, emotionally intense feelings and sensitive lyrics. The music is also known as emotional hardcore music or emotional punk music. Just like the goth subculture, it invokes melancholic and dark expression. Ripped jeans, hoodies, short sleeved band t-shirts, Converse, casual skirts, chokers, fishnet leggings and wrist bands are some of the outfits and accessories used in this style.

Summing Up

These are some of the differences between the goth subculture and the emo subculture. Although the emo subculture comes with the goth subculture, it is not entirely the same as that of the later. It has its own identity and this is what makes it distinct from the goth subculture. For instance, if you are using a gothic cape to get a spooky vibe, you may not have to wear it to get an emo vibe.

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