How to Draw Venom Easily

How to Draw Venom. In the comics, movies, video games, and other media that Spider-Man has appeared in, he faced an impressive roster of villains. Many of these villains are just as popular as the heroes!

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Of all, Venom is one of the most memorable. Acting as the dark reflection of Spider-Man, it consists of an alien symbiote that grants him spider-like powers.

He has become a popular villain with fans, not only because of his incredible design but also because of the worthy adversary he represents for Spidey. Because of this, fans wanted to know how to draw Venom.

This might be easier stated than accomplished, as the character is quite complicated to draw, but it’s worth it as you can create fantastical scenarios and adventures.

That’s where this guide comes in! We’ll show you how to draw this famous character in just 6 easy steps. When you get to the back of this manual, you will see how comfortable and entertaining it can be.

We’re also looking at some ways you can make it even more relaxed with your details and ideas. So let’s prepare for some crazy fun as we learn to create this Venom drawing.

How to Draw Venom

Step 1

As far as Venom’s design goes, it doesn’t resemble what real people look like. However, this only makes him look even more relaxed and more intimidating.

Venom is an imposing character, vast and muscular. Even if he has an exaggerated physique, you can plan your drawing like an average person.

Even if you have a guide handy, you can go further in character planning. You can do this using the final images in the instructions.

First, draw a stylized version of the character. This stick figure should mimic the position of the character’s limbs and body, and you should attempt to get the ratios as close as feasible.

Once you have this stylized design version, you can add some simple shapes.

For this, you should use a very light pen or press down lightly with a regular pencil, as we will erase them later.

As mentioned, Venom is very muscular, so you can use different spherical shapes to describe the character’s basic build.

Once this is done, we can outline his head. Its head is relatively thin, rounded, and quite small, analogized to the remainder of the body.

We’ll draw the underside of his chin, but be sure to leave some space where we’ve done this, as that’s where his long tongue will be sticking out later. By the way, we will add these and other facial details in the next step.

Step 2

Now it’s time to draw Venom’s facial features. It might seem like a small part of the design, but it will be necessary.

Much of Venom’s character is portrayed using his facial features, which give him his poise. First, we’ll draw the eyes, which look similar to the eyes on Spider-Man’s mask.

Unlike Spider-Man’s eyes, Venom’s eyes can move and are more expressive. They are also a bit more frayed when garnished.

The eyes are in the shape of folded teardrops, as shown in the reference image. Remember that Venom’s eyes don’t have pupils, so don’t add them.

Now it’s time to add the mouth. Venom’s mouth is undoubtedly the most essential part of the design, as it’s one of its most visually striking features.

Its mouth is large and square on the face, and it looks somewhat reptilian. It also manages to give the impression that he’s grinning while making him look pretty fierce at the same time.

Its mouth has rows of sharp teeth that make it even more intimidating. We can finish the most crucial part: its long and sinuous reptilian tongue.

This will fill in the space at the bottom of his head that we left in the earlier step. That’s all this step has to offer. Now we can proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Let’s start drawing Venom’s arms, and that might be tricky. In this step, we will mainly focus on her hands and the outline of her upper arms.

As suggested, starting by penciling in some basic shapes will be easier. This way, you can better visualize the arms’ appearance when they’re done.

Venom has virtually no neck, so his shoulders are connected to his head. They are drawn with smooth, rounded lines connecting to the neck muscles.

His hands are very claw-like, with long, pointed fingers that seem capable of causing damage if turned against you.

Drawing hands can be difficult at best. Therefore, simplify it if necessary.

Otherwise, follow the design in our example as closely as possible. Drawing hands with a pencil for planning can also be very helpful.

So far, there will be ample space at the character’s base, but we’ll fill it in the next stage when we add the remainder of the design for Venom’s design.

Step 4

In this fourth step, we can add the rest of the outline for Venom’s drawing. A small line is added to the right arm to finish off, but the left remains mainly as is.

This is because the chest partially covers it, which we will draw in this step.

His chest on the left is drawn with a reasonably straight line connecting to the left arm you drew in the previous step.

The line on the right side of the chest is much more curved and angular. Next, we’ll draw her legs, each positioned differently to create her pose.

The left portion is flexed at the knee, while the right is straight. Both legs are well-muscled and quite long.

The left leg is drawn with curved lines in the upper half to show the muscles. Because of the angle, the shin is shown as a straight line but is curved at the calf.

His food will be delivered from a side pitch, and he will have long, pointy fingers. This leg is only drawn with curved lines on the right side since we don’t see the tibia at this angle.

Now that you have the complete outline of Venom’s body, let’s add some details! Before proceeding, you can delete the pencil guide that we have suggested since you will no longer need it from now on.

When erasing, wait a few minutes for the pen ink to parch if you employed a pen.

If you use a darker pencil, avoid accidentally erasing any last lines you want for the drawing. Now it’s time for the final details!

Step 5

This drawing of Venom already looks great, and you can tell who it is. But the final touches we’ll add in this step will help bring it to life!

The spider emblem on the chest is one of the numerous essential elements to add in this stage. This is identical to the one on Spider-Man’s wardrobe but more significant and sinister.

It is very detailed and follows the contours of his muscles. So try to replicate it as closely as possible to our example. So we need to add a few more details.

Most of these are on his muscles, making them look more textured and realistic. Once you’ve added those extra details, you can move on to the final step!

Before you do this, be sure to add any additional details you want. Drawing a location or counting other personalities would be ways to do it.

Drawing Spider-Man would be a good choice as you could create an excellent fight location between the two.

You can play it here if you have a famous Venom instant or location from the comics, movies, or games.

Which of your famous Marvel personalities or concerns would you like to count on this picture to complete it?

Step 6

On paper, Venom should be a straightforward character to color. She has a black-and-white color scheme, so all you have to do is add black to most of her outfit, and that’s it.

Although this is his main color scheme, coloring is more complicated. Using solid colors makes the figure look too flat, so we’ll work with some subtleties.

In our example, you can see that some areas of his suit are entirely black. The other areas are in different shades of gray instead.

This helps add some tone to the character and makes his muscles appear more realistic. The red tongue also adds a touch of warmer color to the design.

The white eyes and spider emblem also incorporate gray colors to add some tint. If you like the look, follow our guide as closely as possible when coloring.

Otherwise, you can experiment with the placement of tones and details to make it more unique. Also, using different artistic tools and mediums can help make the colors look different.

However you decide to color Venom, we know it will be excellent, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Your Venom Drawing is Finished!

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