Team Charades: How to Play with a Group

How to play charades in Team

Team Charades: How to Play with a Group: Charades is a super fun guessing game where one person acts out a word or phrase silently and their team tries to figure out what it is. Playing in teams makes it extra silly! Follow these tips to play team charades with a group of kids.

Form the Teams

First, split everyone into two or more evenly sized teams. Try to mix up ages if playing with different ages. Each team huddles in a corner or separate room to come up with a team name and game plan.

Pick a Team Captain

Have each team choose a captain. This person will keep things organized and can help act things out. The captain also keeps score, making a tally mark when their team gets a point.

Set Up Round One

Bring the teams back together in the main room. Have Team A pick someone as the first actor. They come up and pick a charade from the prepared word bowl without looking. Check that no one else saw it. The actor goes to the acting zone to ready themselves while Team B gets in position to guess.

Act Out the Charades

When ready, the actor uses gestures, expressions and body language to silently act out their word or phrase for Team B. Team B members call out their guesses, working together to get it right. If they guess it within 60 seconds, their team gets 1 point.

The actor can do things like:

– Hold up fingers to hint at how many words

– Gesture about size or shape

– Pretend to interact with the item

– Act out scenes or motions related to it

Team A’s captain keeps time. If Team B doesn’t get it in time, Team A wins the point. Either way, once it’s solved, a new actor from Team A comes up and the next round starts.

Take Turns with Rounds

Continue taking turns until each player has had a chance to act out a charade. When everyone has gone once, switch to let Team B provide the actors while Team A guesses. Keep alternating back and forth between rounds.

Call Out Guesses as a Team

Teammates should call out guesses rapid-fire to beat the clock. Expand on others’ guesses with more specific possibilities. The whole team can act it out together to spark new guesses. Work together and have fun with it!

Winning the Game

The team captains tally up points after each correctly guessed charade. Once all players have acted out several charades (at least 5 turns each), the game ends. The team with the most points wins! Play several rounds until everyone has had a chance to be the actor multiple times.

Charades Variations & Twists

– Act out charades based on different categories like movies, songs, books, etc.

– Limit actors to only gestures, no facial expressions.

– Send actors to an isolation room to act out the charade for more surprise!

– Turn on music and actors can only mime while it plays.

– Pair up into smaller teams for quicker turns.

– Use a charades online generator to find new ideas.

– Act without restrictive rules for a silly free-for-all!

Tips for Younger Kids

With little ones, an adult can hold up the word for the child actor to see. Use easy, 1-word charades like “dog” or “eat”. Encourage big exaggerated movements and facial expressions. If needed, give hints by emphasizing key actions. Make silly noises and reactions to guide them. Offer high-fives for effort and celebrate all their “performances”!

Team Charades Gets Everyone Involved

Playing charades in teams makes every round engaging. It promotes teamwork, creativity, and group problem solving. Kids have a blast acting silly and entertaining their teammates. Tailor the words to their abilities and interests so the whole group, from preschoolers to tweens, can play together. With the right setup, team charades brings hours of imaginative laughter and fun!

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