Tips For Mothers Flying With Toddlers

Flying with toddlers can be a daunting experience for mothers. The thought of keeping a young child occupied and comfortable for an extended period can be stressful. However, with proper planning and preparation, flying with toddlers can be a breeze. Here are some tips to help make your flight with your little one more comfortable and enjoyable.

Choose The Right Time To Fly

Choosing the right time to fly can significantly affect how well your toddler fares on the plane. Consider the time of day and the duration of the flight. Choose a flight that coincides with your child’s regular sleep time. This way, your little one can sleep through most of the flight, making it much easier for you.

If your toddler is an early riser, try booking a morning flight. Also, keep in mind the duration of the flight. If your child is very active and doesn’t like sitting still for long periods, consider booking a shorter flight. You can also get a dummy ticket for a Schengen visa online before submitting your visa application.

Pack A Busy Bag

Packing a busy bag is one of the most important things you can do when flying with toddlers. This bag should include various activities to entertain your child during the flight.

Some ideas include colouring books, small toys, puzzles, and storybooks. You can also consider packing snacks and drinks to keep your child fed and hydrated throughout the flight. Remember to pack headphones or earplugs if your child will be watching videos on a tablet or phone.

Bring A Stroller

Bringing a stroller with you can be a lifesaver when flying with toddlers. Most airlines allow strollers to be checked in for free; some even allow you to take it to the boarding gate. A stroller makes it easier to navigate the airport and can be used to carry your child’s belongings. You can also use it as a makeshift bed for your child during long layovers.

Choose The Right Seat

Choosing the right seat on the plane can make a significant difference in how well your toddler fares on the flight. If you’re travelling alone with your child, consider choosing an aisle seat.

This way, you can quickly get up and move around with your child. If travelling with another adult, consider booking a window and aisle seat. This way, your child can sit by the window and look out while you and the other adult can take turns sitting next to them.

Take Advantage Of Early Boarding

Many airlines offer early boarding for families travelling with young children. This can be a great way to settle on the plane before other passengers board. You can use this time to get your child seated and comfortable. When you board early, you have time to pack your bags and get ready before the plane takes off.

Stay Calm And Positive

Flying with toddlers can be a stressful experience, but it’s essential to stay calm and positive. Children can easily pick up on their parent’s emotions, so your child will be, too, if you’re anxious or stressed.

Stay relaxed and cheerful, even if your child becomes fussy or restless. Take deep breaths, distract your child with an activity or toy, or walk up and down the aisle to calm them down.


Flying with toddlers doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Make your flight reservation after making a schedule of all of your traveling activities. Proper planning and preparation can make the flight more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your child.

Remember to pack a busy bag, choose the right seat, and take advantage of early boarding. Most importantly, stay calm and positive, and you’ll both arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready for your next adventure.

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