Tips To Pack Kitchen Accessories For A Move

Moving and shifting to a new place is a huge and tiring task. Hard work, effort and time, these three parameters play an important role when you are shifting to a new place. Apart from that, arranging a good packer and mover company is itself a different task which further requires a lot of research. Once the research is done, the house is finalised, it is time to pack the items properly so that there is no damage occurring during the time of transit. Therefore, you need to keep the essential packaging materials ready beforehand to avoid the last minute panic. One of the toughest tasks during packing and moving to a new place is to pack the kitchen accessories. It is because kitchen accessories include almost everything from strong and durable items to fragile and delicate items.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the important tips which we can follow to pack kitchen accessories properly for a move. Make sure that you have essential packaging products ready for each of your rooms, because each room contains different items, which further require different packaging supplies. Some mover and packer companies come with their own packing supplies, but in case they miss anything, you can come up with your own ones without completely relying on them. You can either get strong and durable packages from the nearby retail store for free, or you can order them from different online stores. Packaging Midlands in the UK is an online store which provides you with wholesale packaging supplies, such as packing tapes, bubble wraps, strong and durable single wall and double wall cardboard boxes and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the tips which we can follow to pack kitchen accessories for a move.

Tips to pack dishes

We tend to keep different kinds of dishes in our kitchen. We use them as per the needs and demands. We have induction friendly dishes, microwave friendly dishes and dishes for the gas stove. Each dish is made up of different elements, therefore, they are required to be packed in different ways. For instance dishes which are made up of glass and ceramics require extra care and packaging. Dishes which are made up of steel, aluminium, eco-friendly plastic and non sticky materials, require different packaging materials. Therefore, it is necessary to make a list of the kitchen accessories which we have so that we can categorise them accordingly before we start packing. Instead of using the regular boxes to pack the dishes, make sure to use dish packaging boxes to avoid damage. These boxes are strong, sturdy, robust and durable and will keep the dishes safe, first of all use a packing paper to keep the dishes, such as a plate at the centre of the paper and then pull the corners of the paper carefully to the centre of the plate and securely wrap it. Repeat this process with the other plates of the same size. Stake the plates together, turn them upside down and then rewrap the entire bundle with a sheet of packing paper and then seal it. Place the bundle inside a box in the vertical position and then fill the voids inside the box with packing papers or kraft papers or foam peanuts. Seal the box properly with a strong tape and label it as “fragile items”. Repeat the same process with bowls and other utensils.

Tips to pack glasses and cups

You need to be extra careful while packing glasses and cups because there are chances that they may get damaged during the process. Use a wadded up packing paper to gently stuff the glasses and cups and then go on wrapping the handles and stems of the cups or glasses. Make sure to create a protective padding for these cups and glasses by crumpling the paper slightly. Line the boxes with packing paper or kraft paper and then place the glasses and cups in the upright position. After that for extra padding and filling the void, use more packing paper, kraft paper and foam peanuts so that the glasses and the cups are completely safe. Apart from using packing paper for the wrapping the glasses and the cups, you can also use bubble wraps, because bubble wraps provide extra cushioning to the fragile items. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a large roll of bubble wrap ready with you. Use a strong tape to seal the box and then label it as “fragile items”.

Tips to pack electrical devices

Our kitchen consists of a lot of electrical devices, such as refrigerator, induction, microwave, coffee machine, dish washer and so on. We need to pack them more carefully during the time of shifting. A small mistake in packing the electrical devices can lead to a heavy loss. Make sure that you have kept the packaging boxes securely in which you had brought these items to your place for the first time. These boxes are of great help during the time of shifting. You need to properly put them inside the boxes and then put extra cushioning to these items, such as anti static bubble wraps, foam sheets, edge guards, kraft paper and foam peanuts to make sure that they do not get damaged during the time of transit. Seal them properly with strong packing tapes and then label them to know their front side.

Summing up

These are some of the tips which you can follow to pack the kitchen items for a move. You follow almost all these steps mentioned for your kitchen items. Only make sure that the packaging materials are strong and robust.

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