Top 10 New Age Singers You Need to Know

New Age music may not have dance beats or catchy choruses, but it does soothe your mind and change your mood. Additionally, it is commonly used for meditation and relaxation purposes.

After decades of being seen as “hippie Muzak,” New Age music is making a dramatic renaissance. Pioneering artists such as Iasos and Steven Halpern are seeing their albums reissued while young artists like Matthewdavid bring new approaches and techniques into the genre.

1. Deva Premal & Miten

Deva Premal and Miten are today’s go-to experts on mystical music and mantras, boasting an international fan base including yoga studios, massage clinics, meditation centers, retreats and sacred global gatherings worldwide. Together they create an exceptional sonic portal that promotes reflection and deeper inner connections.

Deva and Miten are classically trained musicians and accomplished singers, but their life’s work lies in devotional chant. Additionally, they’re deeply committed spiritual practitioners, offering shamanic ceremonies as well as yoga classes. There are million of people Deva Premal songs download on Mp3 Juice.

In 1998, The Essence, their debut album released by this couple, established an innovative musical genre by fusing ancient mantras from India and Tibet with contemporary music. It soon reached number 1 on New Age charts worldwide and became a regular feature at yoga studios, spas, and meditation centers worldwide. Since then they have released 21 critically-acclaimed albums that have touched numerous lives while encouraging them to live life more heartfully.

2. Enya

Enya has sold millions of albums during her 30-year career. Watermark first made waves upon its release in 1988 and went on to become an international phenomenon. Although she lives a relatively reclusive lifestyle (she lives nearby Bono’s Manderley Castle home), Enya remains successful at keeping a steady output of music coming.

Her songs are meticulously composed to produce an entrancing musical atmosphere, utilizing various instruments for maximum relaxation. She has worked with numerous notable directors to compose soundtracks for their movies.

Eithne Ni Bhraonain was born in Gweedore, County Donegal – part of Ireland’s Gaeltacht region – to Maire, Olive, Ciaran and Pol Ni Bhraonain’s siblings who are all also musicians. Together with them she joined Irish folk group Clannad; later that same year she released her first solo album.

3. Andreas Vollenweider

Andreas Vollenweider is widely considered one of the founding fathers of New Age music, winning a Grammy in its inaugural year as part of awards show. His electroacoustic harp can be heard playing alongside artists such as Carly Simon, Bobby McFerrin, Luciano Pavarotti and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, among many others.

Vollenweider stood apart from many New Age artists that came after him by expanding its boundaries through world music, jazz, and classical influences in his work. For instance, his 1997 album Kryptos featured contributions from an impressive group of musicians, such as Japanese percussionists Kodo and Leonard Eto, Argentine bandoneon player Daniel Binelli, and jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker; it even charted in America! Additionally, Vollenweider toured in support of it with an ensemble that included an orchestra.

4. Yanni

Yanni (born Yiannis Chrysomallis in 1954) is one of the top-selling new age musicians ever, producing instrumental albums that recall ancient Greece, Mexico and India while playing piano, harp and synthesizers.

He has collaborated with Renee Fleming and Placido Domingo on the album Yanni Voices. Additionally, Yanni experimented with microtonal music on Does Spring Hide Its Joy featuring Sunn O))) cellist Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))).

Windham Hill Records was established in 1976. Known for combining new age with classical music to create relaxing environments, Windham Hill pioneered incorporating nature sounds and Gregorian chant into new age music to create gentle ambiences – typically including babbling brooks, rainstorms, beach or rainforest sounds, these soundscapes can help meditation or relaxation practices.

5. Kitaro

Kitaro is widely recognized as one of the founding architects of new age music, his various sound collaborations and multi-textured compositions defying genre boundaries. Over three decades of his career he has won global acclaim – his music an expressive amalgamation of cultures, techniques and fields of consciousness.

Kitaro was originally from Japan. In the early 70s he formed the Far East Family Band and released two albums of progressive rock. While touring Germany he met groundbreaking synthesizer musician Klaus Schulze who became fascinated with synthesizer music.

He rose to international recognition with his album Silk Road and composed the original soundtrack for Oliver Stone’s NHK show Heaven and Earth, where his music explores spirituality, love, ecology and connecting humans to their innermost selves. Most recently he created his Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai series.

6. David Arkenstone

Arkenstone has amassed an 82 album discography over his long career as one of the genre’s premier artists. His music can be heard on NBC Sports broadcasts, the Kentucky Derby soundtrack and several films; additionally it can also be found in computer games like World of Warcraft. You can download Arkenstone albums on tubidy for absolutely Free.

Arkenstone’s music is deeply rooted in nature and spirituality, drawing its inspiration from nature as much as spirituality. He compares his musical compositions to that of photographers or painters and often uses multiple instruments to compose an musical mural evoking American Indian influences, Celtic dance or JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Arkenstone’s music tells a narrative tale through sound alone.

He is an expert musician on multiple instruments such as flute and Turkish saz, playing Spirit Wind to communicate Native American tones that remind us all life is interconnected. In addition, he’s worked as a composer on multiple soundtracks and video game songs.

7. Pamela & Randy Copus

2002 have created an impressive musical rapport which has earned them a place on the New Age chart. Their latest album, Believe, represents an evolution in style from their earlier releases with multiple vocal tracks taking center stage.

Texas-based band Sarah Copus also features their daughter Sarah on harp and flute as well as providing lead and harmony vocals on all songs in their repertoire – Trail of Dreams, A World Away and Celtic Fairy Lullaby are her strong suits!

This couple’s music features an eclectic combination of instruments – piano, guitar, bass and keyboards. Their songs create a lush, ethereal sound which captures listeners – perfect for meditation and relaxation! Their lyrics are poignant yet inspiring and uplift. This truly represents New Age at its finest!

8. Mannheim Steamroller

Chip Davis developed his percussion skills while serving in orchestras in Hamler, Ohio before expanding his scope by writing advertising jingles for advertising agencies like Ad Agency Executive Bill Fries’ Ad Agency of Hamler and by co-creating with fellow agency executive Bill Fries the immensely popular C.W. McCall character, which inspired Bill Fries’ song that ignited the CB craze in 1975. However, 1974’s Fresh Aire was the album that changed music industry history – its groundbreaking work mixing baroque classical with new age music, new age rock; when no label released it, Davis founded American Grammophone (which plays off of classical recording company Deutsche Grammophon) using Mannheim Steamroller as marketing.

1984’s Mannheim Steamroller Christmas introduced them to a wider audience and subsequent holiday collections helped them achieve RIAA gold and platinum records. Since then, two traveling troupes have been formed to accommodate demand from annual tours that visit up to 90 cities each year; Davis also wrote several children’s books and expanded the brand with apparel, food, and gifts branded under its banner.

9. Peter Davison

Peter Davison was not only renowned as an actor but also an early New Age composer. His 1981 album Glide included harps, soft synths and string instruments – it became part of its golden age in terms of popularity – while its simple cover image depicting an undulating blue sky with sun suggested soothing meditation practices.

His music, with its world music influences, is captivating and his dramatic talent, whether as the hapless file clerk in At Home With the Braithwaites or Dangerous Davies on The Last Detective is exceptional.

10. Donna De Lory

Donna De Lory began her career singing backup for Carole King, Belinda Carlisle, and Madonna. Following her debut self-titled album with cellist Cameron Stone she produced Bliss which combined adult contemporary pop, world music, mantras/devotional chants into one album.

New Age musicians tend to work across genres, combining acoustic and electronic instruments into an enjoyable yet accessible whole. These artists understand the power of relaxing chord progressions that can envelop listeners with an air of serenity that transcends time and place.

Independent labels like Light in the Attic have released albums by genre pioneers Iasos, Steven Halpern, Joanna Brouk and Laraaji. More recently, Los Angeles producer Matthewdavid and rising musician Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith have renewed New Age with innovative approaches to sound healing and sonic spirituality – opening it up to younger listeners who may otherwise overlook its contributions from these talented pioneers.

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