Ultimate Guide to How to Open Demat Account Online

In an era characterised by the rapid digitisation of financial markets, how you manage and trade securities has evolved significantly. Gone are the days when investors used to crowd around the stock exchange to get physical share certificates. Today, the markets are facilitated by electronic transactions and easy-to-use online platforms.

At the heart of this transformation lies the demat account, an indispensable tool that has revolutionised how you store your securities. Additionally, having a demat account is mandatory if you wish to trade in the market. You can open a demat account online and offline, but the online method has become popular due to its convenience. However, the questions that arise now are: How to open a demat account online? What are the documents required to open the demat account? Read this post to learn about the process in detail.

What is a Demat Account?

A demat account is an account that helps you store your financial securities, such as bonds, stocks, government securities, etc. It eliminates the need for dealing with physical share certificates and associated paperwork, offering a convenient electronic alternative. 

Eligibility to Open a Demat Account Online

You need to meet certain criteria to open a Demat Account online. Here are the requirements:

1. Age

In India, there’s no age restriction for opening a demat account. Both adults and minors can open a demat account. But if you are under the age of 18 years, your parents or a guardian can manage the account on your behalf initially. Once you turn 18, you can take control of it.

2, Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification

KYC verification is mandatory for online demat accounts in India. You need to submit a scanned copy of your PAN and Aadhaar card for the process. 

Important Documents Required to Open a Demat Account Online

To open a demat account online, you need to provide some documents. Here are the documents required to open the demat account:

1. PAN Card Copy

A self-attested copy of your PAN card is a mandatory requirement.

2. Proof of Identity

Submit a self-attested copy of documents like a Passport, Voter ID, or Aadhaar card for identity verification.

3. Proof of Address

Include a self-attested copy of documents such as a Passport, Aadhaar card, or Voter ID to verify your address.

4. Bank Account Details

Provide your bank account number, IFSC code, and a cancelled cheque.

5. Photograph

A recent passport-sized photograph is also necessary for the application process.

Most Common Charges Applicable to Opening a Demat Account

Several charges are applicable when you open a Demat Account. Here are the most common charges:

1. Account Opening Charges

Brokers charge a nominal fee for opening a demat account with them. This is a non-refundable fee charged in advance at the account opening.

2. Annual Maintenance Charges

The Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for a Demat account is an annual fee the broker charges to maintain your Demat Account.

3. Custodian Fees

The broker charges custodian fees for holding your securities in the Demat account.

4. Transaction Fees

The broker charges transaction fees for every transaction made through your demat account.

How to Open a Demat Account Online?

Opening a Demat account online is a straightforward process for electronically managing your securities. Follow these steps:

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Step 1: Choose a DP (Depository Participant)

Select a reliable DP that aligns with your needs and fees.

Step 2: Visit DP’s Website

Go to the DP’s official website.

Step 3: Open Demat Account

Find and click the ‘Open Demat Account’ option.

Step 4: Fill the Form

Complete the online form with your phone number, email, and personal details.

Step 5: OTP Verification

Receive an OTP for verification.

Step 6: Submit Documents

Provide your PAN card and banking details for transactions.

Step 7: e-KYC

Verify your KYC information online during the account opening process.

Points to Remember While Opening a Demat Account 

When opening a Demat account, there are a few points to remember. Some of them are:

1. Choose a Reputable DP

You must opt for a reputable broker or DP to open a Demat account.

2. Types of Brokers

You must understand the difference between the various types of brokers, such as discount and full-service brokers to pick the one that suits your requirements.

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3. Fees

You must be aware of charges like annual maintenance, transaction, and conversion fees, which vary among DPs.

4. Nomination

You must consider nominating someone to handle your investments in case of unforeseen circumstances.


The process of opening a demat account online has not only become remarkably convenient. You should also keep in mind that before choosing the right broker, you must understand the terms and charges associated with your demat account, the facilities the demat account provides, and the response people have toward the platform. This will help you in making the right choice.

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