VPlayed Vs Uscreen Comparison: 6 Factors To Consider

The growth of online video streaming has created numerous opportunities for video marketers, content owners, broadcasters, marketers, and more. Secure streaming becomes even more important when online videos can be intellectually volatile, or, to put it another way, vulnerable to security issues and hacking.

What Is VPlayed?

VPlayed is a platform that helps software and games developers in getting their software and games to market. VPlayed is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider designed for businesses to get creative projects launched. Software startups can create a landing page, start collecting leads, run A/B tests, and publish on multiple platforms.

VPlayed also offers a Referral Program and Affiliate Network, allowing businesses to make money when spreading the word about their project. VPlayed as the Best Uscreen Alternatives has worked with thousands of video game studios, software companies, digital agencies, brands, and podcasts. It can also be considered one of the best alternatives to Uscreen.

What is Uscreen?

Uscreen is considered a one-stop shop for video content delivery within a planned, all-in-one video monetization platform. They provide a secure online environment for video producers and entrepreneurs to upload, save, and organize their film or media content.

Some of its features help modernize the way to monetize on-demand or live-streaming media services at the highest level. In simple words, it makes it easier to create and monitor videos. It will also give you a great deal of control over your video. Furthermore, a secure integrated billing and payment system is used to create a paywall for their content.

VPlayed vs. Uscreen: 6 Factors to Consider

  • What branding options do they offer?

By using an unbranded video streaming service, you can draw attention away from your content. Uscreen allows you to create your own branded apps. This places additional responsibility on your developers and engineers to learn, develop, test, and maintain an app with Uscreen.

You can build branded OTT apps with CONTUS VPlayed, which will increase your brand’s visibility and perceived value.

  • What monetization capabilities do they have?

The Uscreen platform provides significant monetization options for video streaming (Uscreen live streaming). Some monetization models are

  1. Subscription: With this, you get access for a monthly fee.
  2. Rentals: In this, you can charge for limited-time access to your resource or content.
  3. Pay-Per-View: You can make a profit from your content by charging a one-time fee.
  4. Bundles: In this, you get access to a bundle that can be sold for a one-time fee.
  5. Free Trial: In this, the users are allowed to enjoy your content for a limited time for free.
  6. Lifetime: For a one-time fee, provide lifetime access to your content.

Some monetization models are 

  1. SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand): In this model, Vplayed charges a recurring fee with a video subscription platform to generate a consistent income from each user.
  2. AVOD (Advertising Video-On-Demand): In this model, ads can easily generate X+ revenue and help you grow faster. Place ad breaks as needed to monetize them.
  3. TVOD (Transactional Video-On-Demand): In this model, you can consider a TVOD monetization model that includes one-time payments to buy or rent videos.
  4. PVOD (Premium Video-on-Demand): You can now monetize the highest revenue share by replicating the theatrical experience via the PVOD model and increasing content value all at once.
  5. Catch-up Tv: It allows viewers to download and watch their favorite shows for free for a limited time.
  6. Promotions and Coupons: It ensures a top video monetization platform that benefits propelling viewer base with intrinsically thought-out coupon code discounts and branding strategy responses.
  7. Video Paywall: It allows users to watch video content for a limited time before restricting access until they purchase a paid subscription to view the full content.
  8. Third-Party Ad Integration: Take advantage of VPlayed’s video monetization website’s flexibility and customizability by integrating your platform with third-party ad vendors like OpenX, Adzerk, Verizon Media, and AdGear.
  9. Insertion of Server-Side Ads: With SSAI, you can easily bypass ad blockers by combining ads and video into a single stream. On the CMS level, SSAI combines the ads with the video, removing any ad block requests from external servers.
  • How do they compare with video playback? 

Uscreen and VPlayed are two different video playback features that both offer some significant benefits. Uscreen has a live streaming feature (with Uscreen pricing) that allows you to share videos with your audience in real-time. It offers 360-degree video support so that viewers can see all sides of the content they’re watching.

It offers more features, including the ability to toggle between different resolutions, control playback speed, loop videos, and add subtitles. Additionally, Uscreen supports split screen mode so that you can simultaneously view both the front and back camera recordings from a single app session.

Vplayed is an immersive video player that lets users watch videos in a variety of modes, such as full-screen mode or window mode. It also supports high-resolution graphics for sharper visuals and smooth playback experience. It offers fewer features but is simpler in design with an easier-to-use interface. VPlayed also supports viewing local videos (files stored locally on your device) as well as streaming online content from services like YouTube and Netflix directly within the app window without needing additional third-party apps installed on your device.

Both Uscreen and Vplayed offer various customization options like text overlay, background music, comments sections, and more.

  • Which has the most industry experience?

With over a decade of industry experience, Uscreen and VPlayed know how to make an app that looks great, behaves smoothly, and meets the demands of both users and business clients.

VPlayed was founded in 2008 and has 14 years of industry experience. Uscreen, on the other hand, was founded in 2015 and has 7 years of industry experience.

  • What do reviewers say?

Overall Uscreen reviews and VPlayed are both popular video platforms that offer a variety of features. There are some notable drawbacks to both platforms, but overall they’re effective tools for content creators and businesses. Some users find Uscreen difficult to use, while others claim it’s very user-friendly. Similarly, some reviewers find VPlayed too complicated or confusing at first glance, but those who stick with it eventually get the hang of it. Overall, though there are some complaints about each platform, most people seem happy with their purchase.

So, what does the average user think about them? Most users seem to like Uscreen and VPlayed. Many say that they’re easy to use and manage their content perfectly. Others love how versatile these apps are – they can be used for watching videos, listening to music, or viewing photos. However, there are also a few complaints about these applications: Some people find them slow or bloated; others don’t like how ads pop up every time they open the app. Overall though, Uscreen and VPlayed (uscreen competitor) appear to be very popular among Android users!

  • Which integrations do they support?

Uscreen and Vplayed (uscreen alternatives) offer a variety of integrations that allow users to connect with their favorite streaming platforms. They offer a wide range of integrations that will enable you to connect your website with various video players, including YouTube, Hulu+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, and more.

Uscreen app or Uscreen OTT offers rich media player integration, including the ability to watch movies, TV shows, and other content on Uscreen while gaming on VPlayed. It supports over 5000+ apps and provides seamless cross-device playback. It allows you to move your entertainment between devices such as iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Windows 10 PCs and laptops, Apple TVs, iPads, Macs, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, and so on.

VPlayed (as Uscreen Video Platform Alternatives) supports 3rd Party Analytics Integration, which allows you to integrate third-party analytical tools. Tools such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics, and others to track traffic to your video-on-demand or live-streaming platform.


OTT is a new trend, and its popularity is expected to skyrocket. So it becomes crucial to choose from the best over-the-top service options in the business. With the information provided, you can select the best option for your company.


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