What Subjects Do You Need To Become a Lawyer?

Law or the legal profession in general is a career that many people dream off.  The profession is highly regarded as being prestigious hence its huge admiration. This overwhelming interest in the profession can only lead to imagining that everyone has an idea of what it takes to be a lawyer.  

However, that is not exactly the case as there are many people who still do not understand the path and process of becoming a lawyer.  The process in this case means the academic journey right from basic education to college.  The right subjects to do to become a lawyer and the right schools with reputation in those subjects all make up these details. 

In high school for instance, there are only a few select subjects that make up the path to a legal profession.  The other subjects, even though they are equally good, might not be what is needed in the quest of becoming a lawyer. This is why anyone who wants to know how to become a lawyer must know which subjects constitute the path to becoming a lawyer and pursue them strongly.

The Subjects Needed to Become a Lawyer are The Hardest 

Do you know why there are very few lawyers out there? Or, do you even know why so many people aspire to be lawyers but very few make it.  The answer to that question is very simple and it’s not even a matter of choice.  

It is simply because the path to becoming a lawyer is not one that is easy to explore. The subjects that one has to do or you will have to do if you wish to become a lawyer are a bit difficult.  Failing in any depending on the school might limit your chances of becoming a lawyer and send you to other professions. 

Knowing these subjects in the first place though can help you increase your strength in each one of them to boost your chances of becoming a lawyer. On the other hand, if you do not know what subjects to focus more on, you might end up failing in very crucial subjects which might ruin your dream. 

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What Subjects Matter Most In the Pursuit if Becoming a Lawyer 

There are a number of subjects that you must excel at if you really have a big dream of becoming a lawyer.  These subjects might differ a bit depending on the university you wish to study at and the specialization of the law you wish to pursue.  However, there are some of them that are mandatory like the ones below. 

  • English 

The success of the legal profession or becoming a lawyer depends on a number of subjects.  One of them is English which is one of the mandatory subjects in this profession that everyone must master well.  As a lawyer, you are expected to have a good command in both spoken and written English. 

This ability is very integral in the legal profession and in fact the entire legal profession activities rest on it.  As a lawyer, you must be able to communicate well with your clients and even judges both verbally and in writing.  You can only do that if you have good mastery of both spoken and written. 

Therefore, if you harbor a big dream of becoming a lawyer, better start working on your English skills. Ensure that your English is good enough to accommodate your big dream and see you through all the way.  Just for your information, there are some law schools that cannot admit you until you prove to them you have good command of the English Language. 

  • Public Speaking 

As an aspiring lawyer, you need to understand that the success of your career will rely on how you carry out yourself. How you carry out yourself in court, what you do when addressing the media are all things that will make up your success.  This is why you need to focus on subjects that can make you a better lawyer in future.  

Public speaking is one of these subjects.  The subject teaches how to be vocal, how to speak in front of people and the general art of being a good speaker.  As an aspiring lawyer, this subject nurtures you to become someone who can argue out things well in court and win cases.  

It empowers you with an incredible ability of combining boldness with ability to articulate facts well.  Excellence in this area alone can help you not just become a lawyer but stand out in the profession. 

  • Mathematics 

There is a long held false narrative that as a lawyer you do not need mathematics.  That you can just do without it provided you have strength in other areas.  This is outright wrong and no one should ever believe this narrative.  

Mathematics is equally important in the legal profession for many reasons.  One, as a lawyer you are going to find yourself handling cases that involve money or even a lot of it.  Money must be calculated using mathematics and unless you can do mathematics so well, you might not help someone much with their money case. 

The other reason why lawyers need to study mathematics is because of those cases that involve a lot of figures.  As a lawyer, you must be able to study to calculate figures so well to argue your case with strength in court.  If you cannot do that then again you might find yourself greatly disadvantaged. 

  • Science 

Science is equally important in law, especially the experiment and observation side of it. As a lawyer, you are more likely to find yourself in a position that requires you to utilize these skills. In some cases, the success of your case might rest heavily on how well you interpret the science in front of you. 

Wrap Up

The best place to start from as an aspiring lawyer is knowing which subjects you need to pursue to become a lawyer.  These subjects shape your path and help you to build and configure yourself long before getting to college. 

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