Why Do You Need Custom Wholesale Catalogs For Your Business?

Many brands want to grow your business in a unique style. For this purpose, custom wholesale catalogs are used. They show your products, services, and company professionally. In this catalog, complete information is printed on multiple pages. They spread information about business over many pages.

Custom printed wholesale catalogs are also important for online businesses. They are beneficial in many ways. Catalogs can be the most effective tool for your business. They allow customers to browse them in digital format. In this blog, we will be discussing what are catalogs and why they are effective for your business. Well then, let’s start the discussion. 

What Is A Catalog?

Catalogs are in document forms. Many wholesale catalog companies used them to enhance their business image. They are helpful for businesses and can be created for marketing purposes. These catalogs show all your products and services. Attractive pictures related to your products printed on catalogs will make sure customers spend more time and can develop an interest in purchasing your products.

You can create these catalogs in different sizes, styles, materials, pictures, and many more according to your business requirements. You can create simple and unique styles from the sales point of view that help to attract more customers. Wholesale catalogs for businesses are used as an effective marketing tool to attract clients and more sales.  


For catalogs, you can select the most common dimensions of cover and inside pages.

Cover Inside page
Paper: 80 lb. Gloss Cover

Format: 4.75 x 4.75 Inches Square

Pages: 4 Pages Prints on all Cover sides

Colors: Color Both Sides

Format: 4.75 x 4.75 Inches Square

Pages: 4 Pages + Cover

Paper: 60 lb. Uncoated Text

Colors: Color Both Sides


Different Elements Of Custom Wholesale Catalogs

Different elements are important that hold the attention of the customers going through the catalogs. Catalogs contain all information about products so they must have the following information here:

  • Call to action
  • Features
  • Pictures
  • Care instructions
  • Price 
  • Product dimension
  • Customer reviews
  • Safety guidelines
  • Short description
  • Product Attributes
  • Certification ISO 9001

Catchy Designs 

The choices of custom catalogs and wholesale jewelry catalogs are endless. But designs always depend on the layout. The layout can make or break the catalog. You can create catchy designs and unique that customers easily attract to your catalogs.

Too many images added to your catalogs can cause stress to the customers and cause them to lose interest and not boost your sales. Aesthetic designs and fonts can engage the customers. You can choose the sizes, papers, and finishes with different colors that can grab the customers’ attention and increase sales. 

Promote The Best Products

You can create your custom catalogs printing in a perfect way that attracts customers. You can display all best sellers on the first few pages and display products on the last pages they help to increase the chances of making sales. A unique few images are added at the start pages that promote your best products. 

Product information

The information about the product is a very crucial part of catalogs. Perfect catalogs help to increase sales of your business. Products are based on two types the first one is a description and the second one is information. 

Product descriptions are the benefits and uses of a particular product. Product information gives the customers answers to all questions about the product. Product information such as name, price, manufacturing and expiry date, batch number, and many more. 

Enhance Customer Experience

Catalogs to increase the buyer’s experience. They give your customers a better understanding of what are you selling. You must create a design according to the customer’s needs and your business requirements. Because your customers are the backbone of your business. Ensure that your catalogs are easy to use, understandable, and give clear details.

Add pricing and features help to customers decide to purchase your product. Catalog with pricing can help the customers compare with other competitors and then make a choice to purchase the best product. 

Update Catalogs

It is a challenging factor that you need to make changes to your catalogs. It requires your time and effort. You can change according to the market trends. You need to update your old products, add new products, and features. If you neglect to update catalogs then your customers not be satisfied with your brand.

Marketing Tips

There are many marketing tips for catalogs. The first one is catalogs are showcase your products, their features, and their benefits that help the customers when making a purchase. These comprehensive catalogs can display the full range of your products. Wholesale catalogs are a strong sales tool for highlighting your product services as well. Catalogs are handed out directly to your current and old customers and in person in-store.


Custom wholesale catalogs are one of the most effective tools for standing your business in the market from competitors. Beautiful designs, printings, proper information, and elements are helpful for attracting more customers, increasing sales, and ensuring the customer’s loyalty. They also increase the customer’s experience with well-organized branded catalogs. 

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